#Skillcraft #bootcamp day 5, and a lightbulb moment

The Skillcrush blog is FULL of great tipsOne of the things I looove about Skillcrush is the blog – it’s got fantastic, usable content. For example: Today, thanks to the Bootcamp, I passed the XHTML skills test on oDesk! It was painful, but I passed! However, I’m going to need a portfolio in order to get the assignments I’m looking for. Last night, I read on the SC blog about projects I can do on my own to build my portfolio myself – light bulb!!


#Skillcrush #Bootcamp Day 4/5 = woot!

Bootcamp is flying by for me, because I have a little bit of HTML experience and because the lessons are packaged in just enough information that I retain it easily.

Ya'll be nice, now.
Ya’ll be nice, now.

The best part is ….

Today I sat at my laptop and wrote some code like I knew what I was doing!

My husband was impressed. I felt like a complete badass. I needed “The Karate Kid” soundtrack playing in the background.

I had 5 different non-profits get back to me today about helping out with their websites, I sent off response e-mails to all of them this evening.

Actual Skillcrush classes (or “blueprints”) start February 9, and I will be there!

#Skillcrush #bootcamp Day 3, or how to build some experience

It’s day 3 of Skillcrush’s 10-day bootcamp, and I am still loving it! Right now we are on HTML, which I know a little about already.

The idea of doubling my hourly freelance rate is intoxicating, but I’ve got to have some semblance of a portfolio. I decided to check out VolunteerMatch and see if any non-profits needed some coding work done for free.

I saw several listings, and responded to 5. Within 2 hours, I had three agencies e-mail me back, thrilled to have my help, and one that e-mailed me my first project already!

#Skillcrush #bootcamp Day 1

Skillcrush is not a school in the traditional sense, thankfully, so there’s no registration drama (you know, you’ll need 3 forms of picture I.D., an address within the county, transcripts from places you barely remember being at, your blood type, and a recently certified family tree. By the time I get all that together, I’ve lost my momentum).

It’s got 3-4 different tracks, or “blueprints” of technical skills you can learn: web design, wordpress coding/development, and something else that escapes me right now, but I’ll add it as soon as I find it.

So Skillcrush offers a free 10-day boot camp, which I decided to start with so I could get the lay of the digital land, as it were.

Today’s bite-sized bootcamp lesson was “the internet vs. the www”. At first I thought this was going to be a waste of time, but I was wrong (it happens).

Not only was it an interesting little lesson-ette, but I love the casual, chatty writing voice – I didn’t realize I was learning anything until I had learned it!

New series in the works: Scoping out #Skillcrush

I stumbled across Skillcrush on a Facebook ad the other day, and it’s caught my interest as a committed freelancer. Skillcrush is a site which aims to teach technical skills online in an informal and social way (picture WordPress’s Blogging 101 series, but for coding).

I’ve always wanted to learn to code, largely because a) it pays so well and b) I could do a lot of things myself rather than pay someone else to do them.

So I’ll be chronicling my Skillcrush experience in the hopes that it’s helpful to others out there. I’ll keep you posted!