#Skillcraft #bootcamp day 5, and a lightbulb moment

The Skillcrush blog is FULL of great tipsOne of the things I looove about Skillcrush is the blog – it’s got fantastic, usable content. For example: Today, thanks to the Bootcamp, I passed the XHTML skills test on oDesk! It was painful, but I passed! However, I’m going to need a portfolio in order to get the assignments I’m looking for. Last night, I read on the SC blog about projects I can do on my own to build my portfolio myself – light bulb!!


How I really #workfromhome (not just for writers)

I had a bit of a midlife crisis last year, and decided I was working for myself from now until … well, death. I write well enough to get people to pay me to do it, so I’m gonna.

I got my start on #oDesk (which is merging with eLance, in case you need to know that. oDesk matched freelancers in all sorts of skill sets, so it’s not just for writers.

A word of caution: you will have to start slowly. My first couple of jobs were low-paying and quite boring, but they gave me the status of “experienced freelancer” and then I picked up speed.

This is the best post I’ve seen in a while about getting your first gigs on oDesk.

Good luck, and let me know how it goes for you!