#blogging101 – can I have an easier question??

I hate the question
“Who am i?”
The hell if I know!
I try and try

I know I’m a grownup
I’ve got some ID
I’m my son’s mom
And I know he loves me

I’m no longer dating
I’m somebody’s wife
And it’s really great
But I still need a life

To earn some money
I’ve started to write
Will I be successful?
Maybe I might.

I run and I knit
We’ve a cat and a dog
And this year on WordPress
I’m starting a blog

It’s kind of a journal
And kind of P.R.
To help out my writing
And pay for my car

I need it for car pool
To drive everyone’s child
Funny, ’cause my past life
Was a little bit wild

So WordPress, you asked me
To give this a go
About who I am
But I don’t.. really.. know …