#Skillcrush #Bootcamp Day 4/5 = woot!

Bootcamp is flying by for me, because I have a little bit of HTML experience and because the lessons are packaged in just enough information that I retain it easily.

Ya'll be nice, now.
Ya’ll be nice, now.

The best part is ….

Today I sat at my laptop and wrote some code like I knew what I was doing!

My husband was impressed. I felt like a complete badass. I needed “The Karate Kid” soundtrack playing in the background.

I had 5 different non-profits get back to me today about helping out with their websites, I sent off response e-mails to all of them this evening.

Actual Skillcrush classes (or “blueprints”) start February 9, and I will be there!


#Skillcrush #bootcamp Day 3, or how to build some experience

It’s day 3 of Skillcrush’s 10-day bootcamp, and I am still loving it! Right now we are on HTML, which I know a little about already.

The idea of doubling my hourly freelance rate is intoxicating, but I’ve got to have some semblance of a portfolio. I decided to check out VolunteerMatch and see if any non-profits needed some coding work done for free.

I saw several listings, and responded to 5. Within 2 hours, I had three agencies e-mail me back, thrilled to have my help, and one that e-mailed me my first project already!