#DIY blavatar

I made this!
I made this!

I made my own blavatar (that’s WordPress-ian for the little icon that represents your blog in address bars, comment fields, etc.). It was really easy, I swear. Here;s how I did it:

1) I did a Google Image search for ‘writing icon’ and selected a result I liked, which is the pencil with the blank square. I saved this image.





2) I wanted to add my initials to it, so I went to Picmonkey and uploaded the icon. I selected “text” and added my initials to it.

3) Then I resized it in Picmonkey to 64×64, and saved the newly-customized version.

4) On wordpress.com, I went to this blog’s “Settings” in the Dashboard. There, I uploaded the personalized version of the icon.

After about 60 seconds, it appeared everywhere the blavatar is supposed to!