7 Reasons to Cook at Home

Gone are the days of Father coming home to the sit-down dinner that Mother spent all afternoon preparing. With the exponential growth of dual-income and single-parent families, the elaborate, home-cooked dinner is going by the wayside. But is it worth all the fast food?Cooking at home has all sorts of benefits. If you’ve never bothered to learn to cook, think about a few of these facts – it might be worth it to watch a little Food Network every week, after all!


  1. Fast food and restaurants are expensive. Eating out and ordering in wreaks havoc on the family budget. Restaurants and take-out cost at least double what cooking from scratch costs.
  2. Eating out typically means more calories. Most restaurant meals are served in portions far bigger than what we would serve ourselves at home. Plus, the convenience of ordering off of a menu allows us access to foods we know we shouldn’t eat. If anyone in the family is trying to lose weight, drop the restaurant habit quickly!
  3. You don’t know the kitchen staff when you’re in a restaurant. If you want to scare yourself, as a few friends who work in restaurants what wrong and unsanitary things go on in the kitchen. This may be the only trick you need to start eating at home!
  4. Cooking is bonding. Cooking together is a time to pass on your knowledge and skills to your child while visiting with them in a non-threatening way. It’s a memory your children will cherish as adults (rather than everyone gazing at their phones waiting for the waitress to deliver their orders).
  5. Cooking is educational. Cooking involves math (measurement, weight, fractions) and science (chemical reactions) in a hands-on way for your children. It’s educational in a way that doesn’t feel like homework.
  6. Cooking is more than meals. Cooking can be used to make gifts for others, like a gift-wrapped batch of cookies. It can also be a way to make household items, like candles or dyed yarn. All of these projects call on cooking skills.
  7. Eating at home is private. When the family needs to discuss a difficult subject, eating at home allows a secure and private environment for families to discuss things they doen’t want everyone in town to hear