Trial piece for a client – Sock-Eating Monster


There once was a monster, so quiet
And socks were all of his diet

Each winter is hard on my feet
Because the monster has plenty to eat!

My mom is irked – she wants to know
Where in the world all my socks go

He eats wool and he eats cotton
He eats them clean and when they’re rotten

My dad thinks it’s actually the dryer
My sister keeps telling me I am a liar

But I know he’s under my bed, past the blocks
He sits there alone and he eats all of my socks!


#blogging101 – can I have an easier question??

I hate the question
“Who am i?”
The hell if I know!
I try and try

I know I’m a grownup
I’ve got some ID
I’m my son’s mom
And I know he loves me

I’m no longer dating
I’m somebody’s wife
And it’s really great
But I still need a life

To earn some money
I’ve started to write
Will I be successful?
Maybe I might.

I run and I knit
We’ve a cat and a dog
And this year on WordPress
I’m starting a blog

It’s kind of a journal
And kind of P.R.
To help out my writing
And pay for my car

I need it for car pool
To drive everyone’s child
Funny, ’cause my past life
Was a little bit wild

So WordPress, you asked me
To give this a go
About who I am
But I don’t.. really.. know …

How I really #workfromhome (not just for writers)

I had a bit of a midlife crisis last year, and decided I was working for myself from now until … well, death. I write well enough to get people to pay me to do it, so I’m gonna.

I got my start on #oDesk (which is merging with eLance, in case you need to know that. oDesk matched freelancers in all sorts of skill sets, so it’s not just for writers.

A word of caution: you will have to start slowly. My first couple of jobs were low-paying and quite boring, but they gave me the status of “experienced freelancer” and then I picked up speed.

This is the best post I’ve seen in a while about getting your first gigs on oDesk.

Good luck, and let me know how it goes for you!