5 apps to keep your house clean

Hoarders_114f2c_4083764I am a big believer in not cluttering my mind with unnecessary thinking (that sentence sounds stupid but bear with me a second). Let’s face it: certain subjects just aren’t very deep, like cleaning the house.

Cleaning the house is important. It helps every member of the family function more efficiently. It keeps us all healthy. It allows us to socialize in our homes without fear of the authorities showing up later to take our children. But it’s not something I like to think about a lot. I just want to execute the tasks and move on.

But there are people that think about it a lot, and I love that: I can use the wheels they’re created to get where I want to go. I especially like the daily lists/schedules/systems that many of these domestic specialists have come up with.

Since it’s a new year, I’m shopping for a new housecleaning app.  Here’s the five I’ve narrowed the hunt down to:

1) Motivated Moms ($5.99, iTunes, Amazon Apps, Google Play) – this is the app I have used for the past 2 years. It’s a daily checklist of housecleaning chores. You can also add custom tasks and delete tasks that aren’t relevant to your life. This is not an app as much as a yearly subscription to their service, but it gets great reviews.

2) Brightnest.com (free, Google Play and iTunes) – I love this site so much, I made it my browser home page. You take a brief quiz on your home situation, and the site automatically suggests short but useful projects, complete with the amount of time required. True, it’s not a daily list system, but you can schedule the projects it suggests for you. This should be a great booster for the days you get though the daily routine chores.

3) House Cleaning List (0.99, Amazon Apps and Google Play)  – This is the app I’m going to test drive this year, since I can run it on my Kindle. No need to re-purchase each year, and you can add custom tasks as well.

4) Unf^*% Your Habitat ($1.99, iTunes and Google Play) – based on the Tumblr blog of the same name (if your an iPhone user, you’ll need to look for “Unfilth You Habitat”. This app is getting good reviews, and if you’re kind of sick of the cutesy-momblog genre, this may be what you’re looking for. Please note that the f-word may appear from time to time, but you’ve probably already gathered that.

5) Chore Checklist Lite (free, Google Play store) – If, when it comes to housekeeping, no price is too low, check this one out. It’s the daily pre-written checklist. plus you can add your own custom tasks, which is everything I would need. There is a paid version that features things I would never use, like the statistical overview of which chores you’re actually doing.

Please note that I am not listing any iPhone-only apps.


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